About the Bartender Lounge Panel

This is where bartenders like you can earn some extra money for your opinions. Major manufacturers of food and beverage products want to know what you think of their products and how you use (or why you DON'T use!) their products in your daily workday.How do major alcohol companies decide what new flavors to introduce, which packaging is more effective, and which marketing tools to provide? The answer is YOU! As a bartender, you are extremely important to our clients. You are the people who can see first-hand the reactions of your customers when introduced to a new flavor, you are the ones who hear which drinks are requested time and time again (and which brands or flavors are never requested!), you are the ONLY ones who know what YOUR CUSTOMERS WANT.

About Points

Each time you complete a survey (which will be emailed to you as they become available), you will be awarded a number of points - the amount will vary depending on the survey and will be specified in the email you get informing you of the survey. When your points total reaches 2500 ($25.00), you can choose to 'cash out', and we will send you a check! You can also choose to continue saving your points, and cash them out at a later time. For each additional 100 points, you will be adding $1.00 to your total, so if you cash out when you have 4000 points, we will send you a check for $40.00!

Generally, you can expect between 500-1000 points for each survey that you qualify for, although for some surveys you could get even more! When you complete a survey in its entirety, the points you earned will automatically be shown in your balance. If you don't happen to qualify for a study, we will still credit your account with 10 points in appreciation of your attempt to take it.

You can also earn extra points by referring other bartenders to the panel! Just click on the 'my account' tab and look for the link on the right. You can fill in the email addresses of any bartenders that you think might be interested! Each person you refer will receive an email with a unique referral ID, and when they sign up using that ID you will get 150 points after they complete their first survey! It couldn't be any easier!

About Our Company

BartenderLounge.com is an affiliation of Braun Research, Inc, which is a privately held Marketing and Public Opinion Research firm whose goal is to uphold the highest standards of data collection.

Since our founding in 1995, we have helped commercial and non-profit organizations make decisions about new products, advertising campaigns, programs and policies. Braun Research, Inc has been recognized by USA Today and several New Jersey papers for our efforts in the industry and will continue to strive for excellence in Marketing Research.

For more information about our company please visit our corporate site: http://www.braunresearch.com.

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